Saturday, 14 February 2015


This is the first time the stone has been lowered! It gives me a chance to work on the tapering of the base. As most of the weight is mainly on the right hand side of the sculpture, it will be interesting to see if the stone still balances, unsupported when I raise it again! When it comes to pinning the sculpture to the plinth it will sit off - centre on the base to give a sense of balance. I was hoping to drill the sculpture this time around, but I am going to have to lift it up again, place it back on the plinth, mark it up and lower it again! This is only because I think the bottom needs to be made tighter by rounding both of the sides. Over all I'm happy with the twist in the stone but the temptation is still there to push on with making the bands thinner. The only problem however is by doing this, it  increases the risk factor!!