Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Shape of Uncertainty

'The Shape of Uncertainty' - Kentish Ragstone - 1.1m x 500mm x 300mm

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

On the Other Side

When you look at the photos below you could easily be mistaken that it was the middle of autumn! These were in fact taken just before Christmas and New Year! Despite the mild weather and what would normally be a real motivator, progress on the sculptures still seems slow.  This might be down to the fact I have moved from working on the large block and I am now having a go at one of the smaller editions. The ragstone bolder has had any faults and softer limestone removed and I have raised it up for ease of working.  So far I’m pleased with the quality of the material and everything seems solid and sound.  The stone will be cut and opened up and carved into a narrow twisting loop. As I want to reduce the amount of heavy vibration on the stone, the center hole will be cut out with a grinder and not drilled, as will a majority of the carving. The model I am working from has been useful to get me to this stage, but now I need to start looking afresh at the lines and form in the block if I want to make the twist successful.